Doombots are a title given to various series of robots originally created by Doctor Doom. All robots that are now identified as "Doombots" are exact physical and mental replicas of the original Victor von Doom in his armored form. The robots are designed with psionic disguising circuitry that is capable of fooling low level telepaths into accepting that the robots are the real person. The Doombot's advanced A.I. program makes them believe themselves to be the real Doom, except when they are in the presence of Doom or another Doombot. They were created to replace Doom whenever he cannot be present at a situation, or whenever he does not want to risk his own life.

Originally the term "Doombot" applied to various different robots all created by Doctor Doom for various functions. This included Servo-Guards and armored duplicate robots. There are presently two different class of Doombot models. The Doombot duplicates exist in "Fighting" and "Diplomat" classes. Both of them have the same base A.I. and systems, differentiating only in their primary classification.

Combat/Fighting Doombots are enhanced with super strength and reinforced for direct combat, even being able to hold its own temporarily with Ben Grimm in his Thing form. Doom sends a fighting Doombot whenever he considers there is a probable fight, because they use heavier weaponry, and sometimes even additional weapon systems. Most of these "Fighting" combat units are far too strong to make enemies think they are fighting the real human non-enhanced Doom.

Diplomat Doombots have a higher intelligence instead, and normal armor levels and do not have the strength and reinforcement that the fighting Doombots possess. Diplomats will be used in diplomatic meetings such as the United Nations and when dealing and/or seducing with potential allies such as the X-Men's Storm.

School’s Out / High School Never Ends

When the New X-Men go into the Travelers’ future, they encounter futuristic Doombots. These Doombots were under the control of super-villain Victorious. The New X-Men manage to defeat the Doombots and escape before Victorious arrives.

Welcome to Paradise / Hotel California

On the first day of school, Dagan appears in a flash of light from the future. Moments later, futuristic Doombots pursue her! The staff of Academy X is able to defeat these Doombots before they can kill Dagan. Later David offers to trade the futuristic Doombots to Doctor Doom in order to get access to his time platform and send Dagan home. It turns out that Academy X’s security officer, Matthew Stone, is actually a S.H.I.E.L.D. spy. He sends word to S.H.I.E.L.D. about the trade and they intercept the Doombots before they reach Doctor Doom.

Bloodlines / Live Forever

When rescuing Dane and David’s son, Davan, from Doom’s hell dimension, the eXalts are forced to fight his Doombot guards. They are successful in holding off the robots long enough to escape, but Meghan is trapped in the dimension.

Powers and Abilities

Robotic Construction: Their robotic frame provides them with armor and general immunity to mental, emotional and illusion attacks (although they are susceptible to machinery-affecting and psionic attacks that can disrupt their logic functions).

Force Lightning: All the Doombots can shoot lightning from their gauntlets similar to Doom's attack.

Jetpack: All the Doombots have jet packs in their feet allowing them flight.

Parabolic Hearing: Some Doombots, specifically fighting Doombots, have been seen using this device to detect unusual frequencies and very weak sounds.

Self-Repair: Small mechanic limbs and tools in the head of every Doombot allow them to re-construct the rest of the body. This allows the robot to infiltrate enemy lairs: the pieces are sent through a different way, and the head builds the body in minutes.

Electricity Discharge: Each Fighting Doombot can generate an electric shock that can only be used at point-blank range. Enemies are usually knocked down with this attack.

Infra-Red Scanner: This allows Doombots to detect heat sources, including invisible humans. Only fighting Doombots have been seen using this.

Self-Destruct: Doombots self-destruct whenever they are in risk of being captured or defeated, or even at Doom's whim. The explosion damages nearby enemies.

Combat / Fighting: Doombots have superhuman strength comparable to Ben Grimm (though below Grimm's regular Thing-form strength level). Diplomat doombots are usually far weaker that their fighting counterparts. They are at the same level of the real human unenhanced Von Doom to complete their disguise.

Disguise: Doombots are indistinguishable from the real Doctor Doom. This includes AI machinery that can fool even low-level telepaths.