Tiberius Bishop / “Diesel”



Tiberius is the son of two working-class parents from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. His father abandoned his mother before he was born and his mother was an alcoholic drug-user. Because of this he was raised by his Aunt Cora. Cora did her best, but she paid more attention to her own children. Tiberius eventually began skipping school and hanging out with “the wrong crowd.”

When Tiberius got into yet another fight as a tenth grader, his mutant power manifested. He was suddenly super strong and tough. He accidentally beat his rival to death. Everyone fled the scene and no one ever discovered Tiberius’ crime. Shortly after, Cora was approached by Scott Summers. He offered Tiberius a chance to attend Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Cora was surprised by Tiberius’ powers, but she was more excited at the chance for Tiberius to attend a fancy upstate school. Tiberius was given little choice: he became a sophomore at Xavier’s school.

Tiberius spent a lot of time catching up on his studies after having skipped most of his freshman school year. Beast mentored him and helped him succeed. He broke through Tiberius’ tough shell to find the kid inside. He also helped Tiberius when the young boy was shocked at the deaths of millions of mutants when Cassandra Nova unleashed her sentinels on the mutant nation of Genosha.

Around this time, Tiberius began dating fellow sophomore Frankie. Frankie is an Italian-American girl from New York City. The two became quite close. It was perhaps this relationship that kept Tiberius from joining Quentin Quire’s Omega Gang. Tiberius’ sympathies were with Magneto, however, and he joined the school’s secret “Magneto fan club”.

Over summer break Tiberius and Frankie kept in touch over the Internet. They became serious in Tiberius’ junior year. Tiberius remained part of the “Magneto fan club” and his convictions were only strengthened when a company called Benetech created Hope, a “mutant cure.” Then, towards the end of his junior year, the X-Men left for an off-world mission.

School’s Out / High School Never Ends

Shortly after the X-Men left, the remaining teachers (Angel and Nightcrawler) were put into a temporal coma by a mysterious group called the Travelers. The remaining seniors took charge of the school. Tiberius, as one of the more outgoing and self-assured students, was offered the chance to become a prefect. Frankie was also offered a prefect position. They both agreed. Tiberius took the code name “Diesel” (reflecting his super-strength and super-toughness) and Frankie took the code name “Euphoria” (since she often used her pheromone-controlling abilities to incapacitate people with pleasure).

Later, Tiberius was shocked when Magneto visited him at the school! He arrived late at night in Tiberius’ room and somehow knocked out Tiberius’ roommate. Tiberius was shocked because everyone thought Magneto was in hiding. Magneto asked him for a favor: when he sent a text to Tiberius’ phone, he wanted him to enter a code into a computer lab computer. Magneto said it would give him access to information he needed to help all mutants. Tiberius, full of hero-worship, agreed.

A few days later, a recent graduate of Xavier’s school, Michael, returned to help run the school. It wasn’t long before it was revealed that Michael had joined Mystique’s Brotherhood of Mutants (along with the Blob, Avalanche, Toad, Sabretooth, Burner, and Probe) and he’d lured Billy (a senior) out to be kidnapped! Mystique’s plan was foiled when the Travelers appeared and put the Brotherhood into temporal comas. Meanwhile, Magneto texted Tiberius to enter the code into the computer. Using his access as a prefect, Tiberius used a computer that had access to the mainframe and entered the code. Little did Tiberius know that this released the backup copy of Danger (the sentient version of the Danger Room). Danger took a new body and began attacking mutants at the school. Even though Danger was defeated, Tiberius was in big trouble.

The seniors caught Tiberius and questioned him. During the questioning, Tiberius learned that Magneto was actually Mystique in disguise. Tiberius admitted that he belonged to the school’s secret “Magneto fan club”. Due to this, and the danger he’d unwittingly brought to the school, Tiberius was stripped of his prefect status. Frankie, too, was punished for not telling the seniors about the Magneto fan club. She revealed to the seniors that members of the club knew that one of the seniors, Samantha, is actually Mystique’s daughter! Frankie was stripped of her prefect privileges for a time, though she was allowed to keep the position.

Welcome to Paradise / Hotel California

At the end of his junior year, the seniors that took over Xavier’s school were offered the chance to run a new west coast mutant school, Academy X. The seniors said that Frankie could be a prefect if she transferred to Academy X. Tiberius and Frankie talked it over and decided to stay at Xavier’s school. Frankie was promoted to head girl of Xavier’s school for her senior year.

My Generation / Children’s Crusade

Tiberius focused on graduating during his senior year and was successful. He and Frankie got an apartment in the Bronx following their graduation.

Valley of Lost Souls / Empire of the Damned

Tiberius and Frankie, now graduates of Xavier’s school, attend Samantha’s baby shower. While attending, Humanity Now! protestors storm the gates of the school and storm the building. They are wielding Reaver cybernetic weaponry and attempting to kill the young Academy X mutants! Tiberius and Frankie help fight off the protestors.

Powers and Abilities

Super-Strength / Super-Toughness: Tiberius’ mutant power gives him incredible strength. He can lift a tractor trailer and even throw it. When he pushes himself, he can even lift a tank. His toughness means his skin is like iron. He can take incredible damage without injury, such as bullets, bladed weapons, etc.