Danbury Fair Mall


Danbury Fair is the largest shopping mall in the U.S. state of Connecticut. It is located off of Interstate 84 and U.S. Route 7 in the city of Danbury opposite the Danbury Municipal Airport. It is the closest shopping mall to Salem Center, NY.


Danbury Fair was built by the Wilmorite Corporation on land formerly used for the Danbury Fair. It opened in 1986. There was some controversy surrounding the mall when it first opened. During construction it emerged that two Wilmorite executives had paid Danbury's mayor, James Dyer, $60,000 in cash, sometimes concealed in newspapers. They claimed he demanded the money to assure his support for the mall. The allegations contributed to Dyer's defeat for re-election in 1987.

There are approximately 200 retailers and eateries on two floors, including seven major department stores such as Macy's, Sears, Filene’s, Lord & Taylor and JCPenney. The mall is especially popular with kids, partly due to the double-decker carousel in the food court as well as many youth-oriented events and activities the mall sponsors on a regular basis (such as "Family Fun Night"). Many of these events take place in the mall's center on the lower floor. This space changes throughout the year. The mall is often decorated during the holidays. For special events such as song and dance performances, the central area can be converted into a stage area.

The mall has been the site of several notable crimes throughout the years. A gang of bank robbers high on MGH attempted a heist at a bank inside the mall but were stopped by students from Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Later a Sentinel attacked the mall in an attempt to kidnap a mutant teenager. This attack was also thwarted by students from Xavier’s school (the New X-Men).