Bastienne Noel (Bastet)

Patrick M. Noel III, the elder son of a rich family was on the fast track to a political career. Josephine Parker was a previously unknown biracial actress. The marriage caused a scandal, but ultimately helped Patrick’s career. Josephine was able to act the part of a high society wife, and enjoyed the attention given to her as the wife of a politician. She gave birth to a son, Patrick M. Noel IV, and twin daughters, Bastienne and Georgina.

The family led a privileged life, all three children excelling in school and society. However, on the eve of the twins’ twelfth birthday, another scandal broke in the Noel family. Strange things had been happening to Bastienne, but on this night they could no longer be hidden with headbands, hats, and baggy clothes. The elder of the twins had grown cat ears, a tail, and sharp retractable claws. One of the beloved daughters had become a mutant.

In order to hide the child, she was sent to live with her maternal grandmother, a woman who lived deep in the bayou. However, in polite society it was said that she had been sent to a private boarding school. The old woman was rumored to practice voodoo, and that was all that was mentioned of her behind closed doors.

In the bayou, Bastienne was allowed to run wild. She explored and did as she pleased, having to listen to no one. She helped her grandmother, but she thought the woman was giving nothing more than false hope. There were those like her who sought the old woman’s help to rid themselves of the disease, but there was nothing to be done. Bastienne herself had tried everything.

After two years of having no contact with their daughter, the Noels finally called for her to come home. Bastienne was overjoyed to be allowed to return to the family, however it was short-lived. She was informed that she would be sent to a special school in upstate New York – a school for “things” like her. It was then that Bastienne severed all contact with her parents.

At Xavier’s School Bastienne remained closed off to the other students for several months. She was one of the “younger students” and one of the few who looked different. Most other students were able to hide their mutations, and Bastienne was forced to bear the brunt of abuse from some of the older boys. In order to hide from them, Bastienne went to class and then sequestered herself in her room, reading and searching the Internet for information on her family. Only her sister, Georgina, had kept in contact, and that was infrequently as her correspondence was closely monitored.

When the students were each assigned to squads, Bastienne was assigned to Beast's "Exemplars". Bastienne excelled in physical education classes, as well as hand-to-hand combat training. She did well in her classes, but her passion was for physical activity. In her sophomore year, Bastienne started a gymnastics club with another student, Jessica Lisowski. The two became close, and even though the club was dissolved for lack of membership, the two still spent the majority of their free time together, along with Jessica’s roommate, Samantha Carpenter. These two girls tried to get Bastienne to come out of her shell.

The three were still an unstoppable team of friends in their junior year; however, there was something more between Bastienne and Jessica. Quietly, the two began to explore their attraction to each other and by Christmas were a couple. Only Samantha knew and kept their secret.

Bastienne and Jessica often spoke of their futures. Both wanted to go to the west coast, which was Jessica’s home, and live on the beach. Bastienne wanted to adopt many unwanted children and take care of them all, mutant and human alike. She didn’t want any child to have to suffer the way she did when her parents turned her out.

At the beginning of her senior year, Bastienne came out to her sister and was met with much support. Georgina arranged a trip to New York City, and took a side trip up to meet her sister. The two were reunited and vowed that they would never let their parents keep them so far apart again. E-mails, text messages, and letters were now a common occurrence between the two.

In her senior year, Bastienne was forced to become a temporary member of Xavier's school's staff after The Travelers removed the remaining adult staff members. During this time, Bastienne was a member of the New X-Men. She helped defeat several threats including a Sentinel (later revealed to be activated by The Travelers), a Brood attack (sent by The Travelers), an incursion by the mutant terrorist Mystique and her Brotherhood of Mutants, and a future version of Danger.

In 2008 Bastienne married her long-time girlfriend Jessica. As a staff member of Academy X and member of the eXalts team, Bastienne helped to confront Mystique's students at Academy M and the terrorist group The Purifiers.

After the death of Ruth Aldine in 2009, Bastienne took over as headmistress of Academy X.


Bastienne has the ears, tail, and claws of a cat. She has cat-like agility, flexibility, coordination, balance, and many of her senses are enhanced. In addition, due to an attack by Cassandra Nova, Bast's secondary mutation has developed. She now has the ability to teleport through shadows short distances.

In the spring of 2010, during an attack by the vampire Xarus, Bastienne lost her visible, physical mutations.

During the fall semester of 2010, Bastienne took an injection of Hope which was meant for Samantha.

In January of 2011, Bastienne took the cure for Hope and regained all aspects of her mutation.

In the summer of 2011, Bastienne sought the air of her grandmother in communicating with a voodoo spirit in order to gain advantages so that she would be able to protect others. In reality, she used the spirit of the Egyptian goddess Bastet instead of Baron Semedi, as she told the girl. Later that fall, it was discovered that the woman planted "seeds" in her unborn granddaughters making them the perfect hosts for Bastet and Sekhmet. The old woman was really a priestess in Clan Akkaba, a cult who worships the first mutant, Apocalypse. Bastet did not agree that Evan (the clone of Apocalypse) was ready and that Sophie was pushing him to his own destruction. The two fought and Bastet ended up killing the woman, saying it was the only way to protect Evan.